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How to find a professional mobile phone case manufacturer

August 9, 2016

As we know, “made in China” is so popular in the recent thirty years. More and more international company would like source their supply chain in China because of low manufacturing cost and quick turn-out effeciency.

In mobile phone case industry, Chinese manufacturer is reliable producer in the world.

How to find a professional mobile phone case factory/manufacturer in China? here below I may share some of my points.

First, you or your representative have to visit the factory personally.  you can see the facility on-site. like number of machines, number of employees, anuual turn-out, main customers. it will show clearly what they can make and what they had made.

Second, when you visit the factory you have to use your time efficiently. You goal must be to determine whether the factory is real or is it a Potemkin village or movie set, composed of all surface and no substance. What every foreign buyer must realize is that any factory owner can create the illusion of being a strong business by putting on a show for the foreign buyer. The buyer arrives to see a buzzing, active factory with all assembly lines moving at full speed. As soon as the buyer leaves, the place shuts down again, waiting for the next victim to arrive.

thirly you can look around their showroom that listed what their capability. as well their quality system. like how they control the process, incoming material, final shipment.etc.

If everything is proper, you can just talk to their sales representative for RFQ, and start with business with them.

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