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How mobile phone cases made

September 7, 2016

Mobile phone case is becoming more and more popular for smart-phone in the world. In current market, you may see plastic phone case, leather phone case, waterproof phone case, so on. But few of us know how those phone cases are produced from phone case manufacturer. Here below I would like to share a little bit about them.

plastic phone cases

Normally mobile phone case manufacturer would have a plastic mold for particular phone case. Then they will put these plastic mold on injection machine to produce it with different material like PC, TPU, TPE.  Some of phone case are pure simple material, but some of them are not, perhaps like a hybrid phone case combined different material, for example PC+TPU, PC+TPE, and PC+silicone.

Hot plastic is injected into the mold and forms the correct shape. Fluid is poured in to help it harden and cool rapidly. The design is popped out and the machine is ready to be used again.

Silicone phone cases

Silicone is similar to plastic but made with slightly different materials. Mobile phone cases made with this slippery, rubber-like are usually made in a compression mold.

Now imagine having two cookie cutters that come at the dough from both sides to create a more three-dimensional object with details on the both the top and bottom. You get the idea.

When a cell phone case or other object is formed with a compression mold, it is placed under an enormous amount of pressure for a longer period of time (picture of football player sitting on those cookie cutters from several minutes). This helps ensure the shape will hold. After the shape is removed from the mold, there are typically rough edges that need to be trimmed off to make the final shape. Add a couple more finished touches, like paint and packaging, and the cell phone case is ready to go.

Leather mobile phone cases

If you’re just curious how the leather (or imitation leather) case you’ve already purchased was made, it’s pretty similar to the way clothing or other leather items are made. Pattern makers design cell phone cases and make templates for cutting them out of leather. The cases are sewn together using heavy-duty machines and strong thread. If your leather case is also a wallet, or has a strap to keep your phone in place, the manufacturer may add a button or snaps.

The biggest difference between a leather cell phone holder and a leather jacket is that the manufacturer may add a piece of plastic to protect the screen.

Leather cell phone cases can be customized with designs that are branded, engraved or stitched into the material..

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